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Live Feed & Archived Sermons

Live Feed & Archived Sermons

On behalf of the congregation at Trinity, we would like to invite you to join with us as we worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Here you will experience the blessing of expositional teaching and preaching, the warmth of Christian fellowship, the joys and challenges of Christian service and an overall desire to make a spiritual impact on our church family, the community at large, even to the far reaches of our world. If you are a stranger to grace and do not know Jesus Christ as both Lord and Saviour, we would be pleased to present to you the hope and glory of the good news found in the Bible.

All services at Trinity are freely available for viewing via live-stream webcast or Dial-In Service (1-866-804-2285). Archived audio and video files are hosted on Sermon Audio, Facebook and YouTube

Sermons preached from 1984 to 1997 by our founding pastor William Payne are also available.  Sermons from our former pastor Carl Muller begin in mid-2005.  Video archives begin in Oct 2019.

Audio files for two Sovereign Grace Fellowship ministries (Canadian Carey Conference & Grace Pastors Fellowship ) are also available.