Morning and Evening services have been reinstated and are adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

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Church Leadership

Jesus Christ alone is the Head of His church. However, as head He has ordained that individual churches should be blessed with the spiritual rule and ministry of special office-bearers. Therefore, it is the duty of the church to seek to discover those to whom Christ the Lord has imparted the necessary gifts for office-bearers and, after united prayer and membership vote and, having been formally recognized and set apart, submit to their rule and ministry. Christ has ordained that the administration of local churches is to be by elders and deacons.

Among the elders, are those whom we call Pastors. These are set apart for prayer and the ministry of the Word of God, and should be as far as possible, adequately maintained in material necessities, so as to be disentangled from the cares of a secular calling.

Pastor Carl Muller

Carl Muller has been the pastor at Trinity since February 1998. Prior to this he was assistant to Pastor William Payne as well as a high school teacher at Rehoboth Christian School. He has also taught at Toronto Baptist Seminary, taught courses in the Philippines and Cuba for Carey Outreach Ministries, spoken at conferences in Canada and abroad, served on the Board of the SGF of Canada and supported pastors and congregations of many other churches through his preaching ministry.

Carl is married to Heather and they have been blessed with four children (Jessica [married to AJ Whitehead], Calvin, Caitlin, David) and four grandchildren.


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