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At Trinity you will find a congregation of warm-hearted, friendly people seeking to dedicate themselves to serving the Lord and to the proclamation of Biblical truth so that individuals might trust in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation and live in light of the gospel message. We have a compassionate concern for people of all ages and endeavour, through all our various ministries, to care for the needs of the entire congregation.

Our Mission

In our church motto ‘… declaring the whole counsel of God [Acts 20:27] we are given both the directive and privilege to teach and preach all the essential biblical doctrines that individuals require to be saved and to live acceptably in the service of God and with other people. At the heart of this mission is our aim ‘to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.’

Our Vision

In light of teachings such as ‘And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” [Matt 28:18-20] it is our desire to make a spiritual impact on the lives of those within our own congregation, those in our communities, those in churches of similar passion and throughout the world by means of mission endeavours.

Our Focus

It is particularly through the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God that people of all ages are given the greatest hope of understanding the call of the gospel in their lives, to ultimately repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and then to live by growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.


The congregational singing of hymns and songs, both traditional and modern, are an important part of our worship service. They are selected from three main sources: Hymns of Grace, Trinity Praise (our own collection of songs in booklet format) and additional selections that are presented via power point. The musical accompaniment is usually a combination of organ and piano. On certain occasions special musical presentations may also be included.


Trinity Baptist Church was born as a result of the conviction that a Baptist church was needed which would be committed to the great doctrines of sovereign grace, and to the primacy of the preaching of the Word of God.


• October 8th: Sunday morning and evening services were held at the home of John and Wilma Haughie in Burlington.
• October 11th: The group met again and established Trinity Baptist Church and called William Payne to serve as pastor.
• October 15th: The first official Sunday services of Trinity were held at Trefoil Lodge on Brant St., Burlington, Ontario.
• November 15th: Public school facilities were rented so that a mid-week program of Bible study, prayer and youth activities could be enjoyed.


• January 5th: The first church officers were appointed. Elders: Hugh Clarke, John Haughie, Bob Wilkins, Roy Schaub. Deacons: Jack Brouwers, Bob Clark and Dale Wilson.
• February 4th: The church moved to Central Public School on Brant St. in Burlington at which time a Sunday School was organized.
• December: The church moved again, now to Trinity Christian School on Walkers Line for both Sunday and mid-week services.


• Early in the year an offer was made, and accepted, to purchase an old United Church Building on Appleby Line. The building fund had $23000 at that point and, when an additional $8000 came in from the small congregation during a special offering drive in July, the asking price of $30000 was met. Extensive renovations took place within the building and a complete new section was added to provide washrooms and nursery facilities at a cost of $58000.


• February 28th: After the renovations were completed, a service of praise and dedication was called for. Friends from other Sovereign Grace churches were in attendance and all were blessed as brother Leigh Powell preached a message of thanksgiving.


• March 1st: The $58000 loan for the renovation work was retired and the mortgage document burned.


• A further addition was made to the building as "the wing" was built, giving us an excellent and much needed facility for mid-week activities, Sunday School classes and fellowship hours.


• The church purchased two acres of land on Appleby Line across from 2 Side Road West. This acquisition provided much needed extra parking space and secured for the congregation some expansion room for the future, to which we looked with faith and anticipation.


• June 29th: Pastor William Payne was called home to glory. As part of his 25th anniversary write-up he said:

Looking back over twenty-five years it would be sinful if we did not acknowledge that the Lord has done great things for us, and the glory belongs to Him alone. We have been enabled by God’s grace to maintain our commitment to the sovereignty of divine grace and the primacy of the preaching of the Word. The congregation has grown slowly but steadily over the years and we have rejoiced to welcome new families and individuals to strengthen our hands in the Lord. People from many different backgrounds have been brought together and yet a good spirit of unity has prevailed for which we must praise God. To say that there have been difficulties and disappointments is to state the obvious and the inevitable! Yet God has blessed the work and we can but praise Him.

• October 25/26: The church celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special service of remembrance and thanksgiving. The anniversary message was preached by Earl Blackburn.


• February 2: Carl Muller, former assistant to Pastor Payne, begins his official duties as the new Pastor of Trinity.
• Spring: due to overcrowding issues, options such as purchasing another existing facility, putting up a new building on the present site or elsewhere, or starting another work were examined by the Board. Plans remained at the discussion stage.
• Fall: a number of families (about 40 people in all) left Trinity to attend and support the newly formed Pilgrim Baptist Fellowship in Ancaster.


• January: Trinity received a financial gift from the sale of a church in London, Westminster Baptist, that had been pastored by Brian Robinson. Some of the funds from the sale were used to help purchase a much needed vehicle for Pastor Robinson and some went to support Pilgrim Baptist Fellowship in Ancaster. The balance boosted Trinity’s building fund that had begun several years prior.


• early in the year: Detailed discussion about building became a main focus of the board once again. A proposal for building an addition on the present church site was proposed and accepted by the congregation. A financial target was set that, once reached, would allow construction to begin.
• Trinity officially joined the Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada (SGF).


• March 15th: Groundbreaking ceremony for the building of a new addition.


• June 13th: The doors were opened and we enjoyed our first service in the new church building. The messages were preached by Dr. D. A. Carson.
• The building project included renovations to the old auditorium and the nursery area
• The church accepted the offer of a used organ, from a church in the US, for the new auditorium.
• Trinity produced and began to use its own Christmas Hymns and Songs, a supplement to Grace Hymns.


• Trinity produced and began to use its own song book, Trinity Praise, to supplement the main hymn book, Grace Hymns. This collection of songs and hymns included 54 written by William Payne.
• December: Trinity began making its weekly sermons available online via Over 850 sermons preached by William Payne were also uploaded and made available to the public at that time.


• June 25: 18 members from Trinity become founding members of the newly formed Grimsby Bible Church, with evening services and weekly prayer meetings continuing until the fall when morning services would begin.


• Trinity celebrated its 40th anniversary.


• To help with the development of young men for the ministry, the church hired its first Student Intern, Hal Willis, who served among the people from May to August.


•Trinity Baptist experienced a fire in August of 2017 that destroyed the original section of the building and substantial damage to the 2004 addition.  The congregation was able to meet for worship through the kindness of our Christian brothers and sisters (Crossroads, Ebenezer, St. George’s) finally returning to Trinity in October 2019.

For a more in-depth history of Trinity, you can read more here.