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Canadian Religious Freedom Summit

February 4, 2023

12:45pm – 5:00pm

As we know, the assault on our freedoms continues in Canada, whether it be through legislation, in the press or the censorious practices of Big Tech.  This past week saw a Russian Orthodox NHL player vilified in the press for standing on his religious convictions and refusing to take part in a virtue signalling exercise which required players to don rainbow jerseys.  We thank God for those willing to stand, may we be given grace and courage to do so when our Biblical principles are challenged.

An important conference, The Canadian Religious Freedom Summit, is taking place on Feb 4 in Ottawa, a number of speakers will take part.  The conference will be live-streamed for those unable to travel to Ottawa to take part.  Please see the website for more information.

We were asked if the church could be opened up so members of the congregation who wanted to take part in the virtual conference together could gather, facilitating discussion etc.  So, that's what we're doing.  The magicians in the sound booth have the ability to project internet content on the overhead screen and broadcast the sound through the speakers.

If you are interested please join us at the church Saturday Feb 4 at 12:45 for this event.  The conference is slated to complete at 4 PM the same day.

We pray the Summit will be useful to Christians all across Canada.  May God do a work in us and through us to advance the gospel of Christ in our land.

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