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Peter Masters, Men of Purpose

Hebrews 13:7 encourages us to learn from and imitate those who have gone before us. Each of us has known Christians who are now with the Lord, and whose lives, whilst here, were worthy of imitation. Church history has many more such examples, and Peter Masters introduces us to a few of men. Some names you will know, like Felix Mendelssohn and Lord Kelvin, and some you may not, but each biographical sketch in this book is informative and inspiring. Dr. Masters writes clearly and with an eye to helping his readers grow spiritually through the example set by his subjects. There is a wonderful variety in those he has chosen to set before us: Michael Faraday the scientist; Philip Bliss the hymnwriter, Henry Heinz the manufacturer, and the writer Daniel Defoe. This book is well worth reading, can be read quickly, and I believe you will find that it is exciting to read of those who, in various walks of life, have done great exploits for God.


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