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Donald S. Whitney, Praying the Bible

If we are being honest, one of the hardest spiritual disciplines in the Christian life is prayer. How can we grow in prayer? In his book, Praying the Bible, Donald Whitney writes: “I maintain that people—truly born-again, genuinely Christian people—often do not pray simply because they do not feel like it. And the reason they don’t feel like praying is that when they do pray, they tend to say the same old things about the same old things.” To help the believer in prayer, Whitney has provided an invaluable book on how to pray. In short, Whitney’s thesis is the following: “When you pray, pray through a passage of Scripture, particularly a psalm.” That’s it. “Simply go through the passage line by line, talking to God about whatever comes to mind as you read the text. See how easy that is? Anyone can do that.” So, read this book. In it, you will find practical instructions to grow you in your prayer life.

 Praying The Bible

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