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Tony Reinke, 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

You need to read this book because you have a smart phone. You need to read this book because every generation of Christians needs to think through the impact of current technology on their Christian walk and witness. And then you need to read this book because it is so good. It is readable. It is convicting. It is well- research and balanced. Do you reach for your phone before you reach for your Bible? Do you imagine that you have hundreds and hundreds of “friends”? Do you think that an online community will meet the need of your soul and fill the loneliness? Is your device your idol? Oliver O’Donovan (a Scottish, Christian ethicist) writes: “This generation has the unique task assigned it of discerning what the new media are really good for, and that means, also, what they are not good for. If they fluff it, generations after them, will pay the price.” So, read this book. It will help us to be discerning and cut a straight path.

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