Morning and Evening services are being conducted through the Sermon Audio Stream, FaceBook and Youtube or you can listen in by calling 1-866-804-2285.

Sunday School has been postponed until further notice.  Prayer Meeting is now being conducted via Zoom.

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Recent Letter From the Elders

Brothers & sisters:
As you are all undoubtedly well aware, Covid-19 continues to dominate the mind space of most of the world.  There's a great deal of angst and turmoil in society around us as people grapple with often conflicting messages and struggle with uncertainty and fear.  What a privilege it is to be a blood-bought child of the living God and be assured of our ultimate destiny, secured in the heavenlies for us.  And as we look back upon our day, we're reminded that it's not for anything righteous that we've done, but for Jesus' sake alone.  How thankful we are that our loving heavenly Father is working out his eternal purposes and we are safe in his hands.
The latest news from the province prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people.  As a result we are temporarily moving our Sunday services to exclusively dial-in and live streaming video.  Pastor Muller, sound booth personnel and a few board families will be the only ones in the building during the service ( preaching to a camera is very difficult, it really helps the preacher to have a flesh and blood audience receiving the word as it is proclaimed ).  The services will be structured differently, details to be worked out and perhaps tweaked if this drags on for more than a couple of weeks.  A reminder that the live stream can be accessed at, audio-only by calling 866-804-2285.  Since many churches will be live-streaming Sunday mornings at 11 AM, the SermonAudio servers will be very busy!  If video quality degrades, you may find the the audio-only dial-in satisfactory. 
Giving of our tithes and offerings is part of our worship to our King.  While taking up the offering will not be possible during the service, the Interac etransfer mechanism recently introduced may be used to support the work of Christ at Trinity.  The instructions are attached to this missive. 
We will continue to meet at the church for the weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7 PM.  We'll be sure to exercise the care suggested by our medical practitioners. 
Unfortunately these changes also mean the TBS team will not be able to join us on March 22 and our Missions Conference planned for March 28 & 29 will be postponed.  The special offering associated with the Mission Conference will also be deferred. 
To paraphrase Kipling, if Christians can keep their head while all the world around them is losing theirs, it's a poignant testimony to the grace we have received.  Peace in the midst of uncertainty and fear is the type of thing that prompts people to ask us for the reason for the hope we have.  Let us be sure to use any opportunities God gives us to speak a word for Christ in the midst of this turmoil.  Pray for divine wisdom for our leaders.  Pray for stamina, skill and safety for the medical professionals.  And most of all, pray that God will use these times to snap us, the church, out of our spiritual lethargy, set us to praying and convict this sin-sick world of sin, righteousness and judgement.  Nothing that has transpired has surprised God - let us pray he uses these unusual times in remarkable ways.
If any of you are unwell or unable to get out for groceries, medicine etc please contact a family member or an elder or deacon and we'll endeavour to take care of you.
For the elders,
Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  Luke 12:32