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Reformed Baptist Church?

If I were to be asked "What kind of a church are you? I would not hesitate to reply, "We are a Baptist church!" We hold to those truths which have sometimes been referred to as "Baptist Distinctives"....

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Tribute to Pastor William E. Payne 1938 - 1997

The Sovereign Grace Baptist Churches of Canada were shocked recently at the sudden passing of their brother in Christ and fellow pastor, Bill Payne. Bill was pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Burlington for over 24 years. He would have celebrated his 25th anniversary this October. He had also served in Central Baptist Church in Toronto and Calvary Baptist in Burlington. ...

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Is that ALL There is ?!

"Meaningless, meaningless!" says the Teacher."Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!" Ecclesiastes 1:2 These words were written 3,000 years ago. Yet they are as up-to-date as today's newspaper. The Teacher looked at life apart from God and concluded that life was meaningless. Contemporary philosophers have said the same thing. They too have looked at life. They h...

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William Wilberforce

A remarkable moment in a remarkable life occurred on Sunday, October 28, 1787 when William Wilberforce penned these words in his diary: 'God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.'...

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Giving a Testimony

When a Christian is called upon to give his testimony in the church, it's important that he remember that the goal of all speaking, in the meetings of church, is to edify (1 Cor. 14:12). (The following is used by permission of the author and Grace Bible Church of Tulsa, OK.)...

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Praying for Politicians

Joseph Stalin, who killed millions of his fellow Russians because of his paranoid obsession with power, scoffed at a colleague who warned that the Pope was likely to denounce one of Stalin's barbaric plans. "The pope," he sneered, "How many divisions does he have?"(1) This is an example of how many people see religion in general and Christianity in particular. The church i...

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The Spirituality of Samuel Pearce

This article was written by Dr. Michael Haykin and used with permission. (Endnote 1 refers to the title of the article)...

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Doctrines of Grace - Total Depravity

Our understanding of the problem will govern our understanding of the treatment needed. If we fail to understand the Biblical teaching on this doctrine our understanding of all the doctrines related to salvation will be faulty. To have a right understanding in this matter is therefore crucial....

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Doctrines of Grace - Unconditional Election

What do we mean by the doctrine of election? We mean that out of the ruined mass of fallen humanity God Almighty has chosen a people, a great innumerable company, which He intends to bring to salvation in and through Jesus Christ. It is one of the most prominent doctrines of scripture. The whole Old Testament is based upon the fact of election - God chose the nation of Isr...

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Doctrines of Grace - Particular Redemption

This third distinctive of Calvinism teaches that Christ offered Himself on the cross not for every person without exception, but specifically for the elect given to Him by the Father. It might be put this way: did Christ die to make the salvation of all merely possible, or did He die to render the salvation of His elect certain? It clarifies the issue to put the focus not ...

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